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There's a lot of important information on your bill, but it can be a bit confusing if you don't know what you're looking at. 

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The electricity concession provides eligible customers with a daily discount off their electricity bill. 

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Did you know you could save just by being on the right energy plan? Our right plan calculator can help you find the best energy plan for your home. 

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Keep an eye on your energy costs with our usage estimator. See what you've used so far this billing period and estimate what your next bill will be. 

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Our friendly local team is available to help. Contact us via our online general enquiries form, or call us Monday to Friday 8am-6pm on 1300 132 003.

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Do you have a higher than expected bill? Check out our high bill checklist and talk to someone about your bill.


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We can help you save energy and save money, check out our energy advice page for simple and cost effective ways to save energy. 

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If you need an advanced meter we'll upgrade it for you at no cost to you*. 

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*There is no upfront cost for the meter exchange. Sometimes extra work is required before a meter can be safely exchanged. If this happens we won't exchange your meter and we'll contact you to let you know what happens next.

Frequently asked questions

How do I estimate my bill?

To estimate your next bill, you can visit our bill estimator tool - you'll just need your last bill and access to your meter.
If you want even more visibility of what you're using, you can switch to aurora+ and understand what your energy use is costing you down to the hour.

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How can I download my previous statements?

You can request a copy of a previous bill online via the general enquires form or download them directly from the aurora+ portal if you choose to switch.

How do I disconnect my electricity?

You can request to finalise your electricity account via our online move-out form or over the phone. There is a final read fee of $59.14. If you want the power turned off it'll be $93.19.

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How will I access my quarterly bills online?

If you haven’t already signed up for e-billing, switch to get your bill sent straight to your inbox

Where can I see my current account balance?

You can request your account balance and transaction history via our online general enquiries form.

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Why is Aurora Online unavailable?

Aurora Online used out of date technology which we could no longer support securely. Because of this Aurora Energy made the decision to cease its operation to ensure our customers' information remained safe. We had hoped to have all of our online improvements live before Aurora Online ended, however, due to system issues related to its age, this was not possible.

You can still manage your account online, check out our current online account management options by clicking the 'read more' button.

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Why was there no warning Aurora Online was ending?

Aurora Online used out of date technology and was no longer able to be properly supported, because of this Aurora Energy made the decision to cease its operation to ensure our customers’ information remained secure. We had hoped to have all of our online improvements live by the time Aurora Online ended, however unfortunately due to system issues this was not possible.

Is aurora+ a replacement for Aurora Online?

No, aurora+ is our new digital product which allows you to monitor your up-to-date energy usage and pay for your power via an app.

Our online account management tools are free to use and we will continue to improve and update them so that we can give you the best possible online experience.

I set up direct debit via Aurora Online, will this still work?

Yes. Your direct debit will remain in place.

If you wish to change the amount or account details of your direct debit, you can do so by filling out our online direct debit form or by calling us. If you wish to cancel, you can fill out our general enquiries form or contact us on 1300-132-003.

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Will I still receive my bills now Aurora Online has ended?

Yes. You will still receive your electricity bills, either via email or the post depending on your preference.

Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to view your historical bills online. You can request copies of your historic bills via our general enquires form.

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