Core plans

Our core residential plans are Peak and Off-Peak and Residential Flat Rate. When reading through the product pricing information table below, pay close attention to the rates based on the time of day and think about when you are most often at home or when the power in your home is most likely to be used. 

For all the latest standing offer information please view the Standing Offer Price Schedule for 2022/23.


Peak and Off-peak (Tariff 93)

On our residential Peak and Off-Peak plan, there are cheaper times to use your power. 


Daily supply charges  109.903 ¢/day
Peak 33.399 ¢/kWh
Off-Peak 15.551 ¢/kWh
Time Periods (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Tariff rate
Mon – Fri: 7am – 10am | 4pm – 9pm Peak
Mon - Fri: 10am – 4pm | 9pm - 7am Off-Peak
Sat – Sun: (all weekends) Off-Peak


Australian Daylight Saving Time (ADST) starts on the first Sunday in October and ends on the first Sunday in April. 

Time Periods (Australian Daylight Saving Time) Tariff Rate 
Mon – Fri: 8am – 11am | 5pm – 10pm (ADST) Peak
Mon - Fri: 11am – 5pm | 10pm - 8am (ADST) Off-Peak
Sat – Sun: (all weekends) Off-Peak
  • Prices effective as of July 2022
  • Peak and Off-Peak can be used with aurora+ 
  • This plan can be used with Tariff 62. 
  • Learn more about Peak and Off-Peak here

Residential Flat Rate (Tariff 31/41)

Our Residential flat-rate plan gives you peace of mind that your energy will stay the same cost no matter what time you use it. There's one price for lights and power and one for wired in heating and electric hot water.

Lights and power (tariff 31)  
Daily supply charges  98.932 ¢/day
Energy (all units) 27.631 ¢/kWh
Heating and hot water (tariff 41)  
Daily supply charges  18.447 ¢/day
Energy (all units) 17.943 ¢/kWh
  • Prices effective as of July 2022
  • Note: Curtilage conditions may apply
  • *A minimum output of 3.5 kW in the main living area applies for space heating under the Heating and Hot water Tariff.
  • Residential Flat Rate can be used with aurora+
  • Tariffs 31 & 41 may be used in conjunction with Tariffs 61 or 62 (see below for details)

Other tariffs

Our other tariffs may be used in conjunction with our core energy plans. 

Off-Peak Afternoon Boost (Tariff 61) (Obsolete)

Off-peak with afternoon boost (tariff 61) is generally used for things like off-peak heaters, hot water systems, underfloor heating, and heating for swimming pools. It's on for a couple of hours overnight and in the afternoon. 


Daily supply charges 22.798 ¢/day
Energy (all units) 14.446 ¢/kWh
  • Prices effective as of July 2022
  • Available for a period of at least 9 hours between 8pm of every day and 7am of the following day and 2 hours between 1pm – 4.30pm of every day.
  • This tariff can be used in with our lights and power tariff (tariff 31) or Flat Rate Plan (Tariffs 31/41). It is not compatible with aurora+. 
  • Tariff 61 is no longer available to be installed. Customers with existing Tariff 61 connections will continue to be charged at this rate. 

Off-Peak Night Only (Tariff 62)

Off-peak - night only (tariff 62) is generally used for things like off-peak heaters, hot water systems, underfloor heating, and heating for swimming pools. It's on for a couple of hours overnight. 


Daily supply charges 21.793 ¢/day
Energy (all units) 13.607 ¢/kWh
  • Prices effective as of July 2022
  • Available for a period of at least 9 hours between 10pm of every day and 7am of the following day.
  • This tariff can be used with the lights and power tariff (tariff 31) or Flat Rate Plan (Tariffs 31/41) or Peak and Off-Peak plan (tariff 93). It is not compatible with aurora+. 


aurora+ is powered by either our Residential Flat Rate (tariff 31 & 41) product or our Residential Peak and Off-Peak (tariff 93) product. 

With access to the app, you're able to see exactly how much power you're using and when, track and manage your usage and costs and make payments when it suits you. 

aurora+ customers receive a monthly statement – which means no more quarterly bills.

Switch now!

Aurora Green

Aurora Green

AuroraGreen is accredited by GreenPower. GreenPower is a government accreditation scheme designed to encourage and reward electricity generation from new renewable energy sources.

By applying for AuroraGreen and implementing energy-saving measures, you can help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and provide support and investment in Australia's renewable energy industry.

GreenPower accredits renewable energy sources including solar, hydro, wind, and biomass that were built after 1997 according to strict environmental standards. Existing renewable energy sources built prior to 1997 are not accredited.

Aurora Green Pricing


GreenPower 10% 0.602 cents/kWh
GreenPower 25% 1.205 cents/kWh
GreenPower 50% 3.012 cents/kWh
GreenPower 75% 4.512 cents/kWh
Greenpower 100% 6.023 cents/kWh
  • Prices correct as at 1 January 2017.
  • These prices are additional to the normal electricity charges.
  • Note: Existing customers can change their GreenPower percentage or withdraw from the scheme with no cancellation charges. To request a change please write to Aurora Energy. The requested change with take effect 30 days after the letter is received.

Sign up to Aurora Green


Complete the Aurora Green application form to sign up and send it to us via email at or via post to GPO Box 191, Hobart TAS, 7001.

Download the application form for business here 

Download the application form for residential here 

The fine print

Some energy products listed may not be available depending on what has previously existed at the property.

Please also note if work has been done at the premises without informing TasNetworks or Aurora Energy, this may impact which tariffs are applied.

All prices include GST.

You can view the July 2022 electricity tariff brochure here

Late Fees and Overdue interest

If your account is not paid by the due date and you haven’t contacted us for a payment extension, a $5 late payment fee will be charged to your next account. You may also be charged overdue interest which is set by the Reserve Bank of Australia and reflects the 90-day Bank Accepted Bill rate (plus 6%).


The Pensioner Rebate is funded by the State Government and provided by Aurora Energy to eligible Pensioners.  

Additional Charges

If a government, regulator, or network distributor varies or introduces a fee, charge, or tax, we may pass through all or part of this to you. The charges for network-related services, as approved by the Australian Energy Regulator, may include our reasonable costs for arranging such services.

Basic plan information and energy made easy information documents 
For full price, terms and condition information on all of our residential products, you can refer to the Aurora Energy Standing Offer Price Schedule or the Australian Government Energy Made Easy information documents:

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