Gas rates

Running a business on gas… the rates do change, as does how much you use. It helps to manage your budget when you know what you’re using and what it’s costing!

Here’s the basics: gas is measured in joules, and on your bill we will show your consumption in megajoules (MJ, or million joules).

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Aurora Gas - Business

Daily supply charges 144.00 ¢/day
Energy (all units) 4.3720 ¢/MJ

(Our gas rates are current from June 2022 and include GST). 

For more information, you can view our Aurora Gas rates and charges brochure 

If things change in the gas market, such as the cost of getting the gas to you, we may need to amend
the rates. If this is the case, we will let you know in advance!  

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Existing gas connection

Whether you’re moving onto a site with gas, or there’s gas in your street but you don’t have a connection, the first step is the same: just fill in our connection form or give us a call on 1300 13 2045. 

We’re the only energy retailer in Tasmania with both electricity and gas right here in one place and that means you only have to deal with one energy retailer.

Connect to gas 

New gas connection?

If you want a new gas connection, then TasGas Networks will need to install it. They will charge a connection fee that is based on the type of appliances you are planning to run: if you are going to run ducted heating, flued heating or hot water, it will cost $330, if you aren’t going to run any of those, it will cost $1650.

If you want to sign up for a new connection, you can check if your home is in a gas zone.

Is your business in a gas zone?

Aurora Gas 


See our price brochure here

You can read our Gas Customer Charter here.

You can read the Gas Sale Agreement here.