Sometimes you just need a little extra time, and we have both short and long term extensions depending on your needs. Here's how they work...

I need a couple of extra weeks to pay my bill

If you are having a bit of trouble getting your bill paid before the due date, you can apply for a quick, one-off extension. The extension gives you extra time to pay the total of your bill.

Use our online form to request a payment extension.

I’d like to pay my bill off before my next bill

If you want a bit longer, you can apply to pay it off weekly or fortnightly. You can choose the amount you pay off - your payment amounts just need to be consistent (one payment can't be more than double that of other payments) and your bill needs to be paid in full before the next bill comes out.

Please note that any payments made within a week of your next meter read date may not appear on your bill depending on payment processing times.

Use our online form to request a payment extension.

I need something longer term

If you are struggling to pay your bill, we have longer term payment plans which you can apply for. On this plan you can pay off your outstanding balance over 12 or 18 months, as well as staying on top of your next bills.

How it works

For eligible customers, we look at your outstanding amount and split it into equal weekly or fortnightly payments over 12 or 18 months. We will also look at your previous energy use to figure out what you are likely to use over the payment period. From all that we will work out a planned payment amount.

During the payment plan, you’ll still receive quarterly statements  that show your balance on the plan. That means your statement will show $0 owing as long as you make your payments and you won’t see your total owing amount on your statement. You also won't get a late payment fee or any overdue interest charges while you are on the plan. 

We regularly review your usage to make sure your plan accurately reflects your circumstances, if there are any changes we will let you know. If you miss any of your payments, your plan will end. So keep in touch if you're struggling to keep up. 

Apply for a long term payment plan via our general enquiry form