Helping you stay on track

To estimate the cost of what you’ve used so far this billing period, you will need:

  1. A 'Basic' meter (what's a basic meter? Click here)
  2. Your last Aurora power bill
  3. Access to your meter/s

1. Basic meter

If your meter/s look like one of the examples below, you have a basic meter


No problem

No problem,

Your reads are submitted to us remotely every day, so you’ll never get an estimated bill!

Keep in control this winter

Do you want up to date information about how much power you’re using and how much it’s costing? If you do, aurora+ might be the product for you!

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2. Reading your Aurora bill

 Locate the 'Metering Information' section on your bill, example below:

Sample bill

3. Reading your electricity meter

Click the corresponding meter below to see how to take a reading

Concession information

Bill estimation

That's it! Click the get an estimate below and we will crunch the numbers.

Your estimated electricity cost is [estimate] so far in this bill cycle.

So far this billing cycle we estimate your energy costs to be [estimate]. You are currently on day [day] of your billing cycle. Based on the information you've provided we estimate your full ([cycle-days] day) bill will be [cycle-estimate].


The bill estimator provides an indicative amount only, and is provided as a guide. The estimate is based on the information you have provided. Only an actual meter read will be able to accurately provide the true cost of your next bill.

Meter type section

Do you have a basic meter?
Do you have solar?

Read bill section

Which plan are you on?

Read meter section

Concession section

Are you entitled to a Concession Card Discount?

Estimation section

Keep in control this winter

aurora+ is now available! Offering an easier way to view and manage your energy

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