If you are eligible, you may be able to access the following discounts on your electricity bill. It’s important to note that all of the discounts only apply for your home (principal place of residence on a general domestic energy tariff) – and can’t be used for holiday homes, businesses or by landlords who are renting out their property.

To apply now online, simply fill out the online application form or for more information on all the concessions available, continue reading below.

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Annual Electricity Concession

Prices effective from 1 July 2022

The electricity concession provides eligible customers with a daily discount of 157.460 cents per day. We administer the concession on behalf of the Tasmanian Government.
Eligible customers must have one of the following concession cards:

  • Pensioner Concession Card (Services Australia or Veterans Affairs)
  • Health Care Card
  • ImmiCard (Bridging Visa E)


To apply for the Annual Electricity Concession, fill in the Application Form (PDF) or use the online application form.

Seniors cards are not eligible for the annual electricity concession. 

Life support concession

The life support concession is a daily discount for customers who use an approved life support system or who live with someone who uses one.  This concession can only be claimed once for your primary place of residence, however, if you have more than one life support device you may be able to claim the discount for each eligible device.
The approved devices and rates per day are:

Oxygen Concentrator 116.707¢
Peritoneal dialysis machine 86.590¢
Haemo-dialysis machine 86.590¢
Chronic positive pressure & airways regulator 41.412¢
Continuous positive airways pressure machine 41.412¢
Respirator (iron lung) 154.354¢
Combination oxygen concentrator and chronic positive pressure and airways regulator 158.119¢
Phototherapy machine 219.930¢
Left ventricular assist device 41.412¢

To apply for this concession, please complete the Application Form (PDF)


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Medical cooling or heating concession

The medical cooling or heating concession is a daily discount if you have, or live with a person who has, a medical condition that requires cooling or heating of your home (principal place of residence) in order to manage that condition. The current concession is 47.163 cents per day. The electricity account holder must have an eligible Pension Concession Card or Health Care Card to qualify for the medical cooling or heating concession.
To apply for this concession, please complete the Application Form (PDF).

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