Aurora customers know their power. 

We might be the experts on power, but our customers know a thing or two (or three) as well. We've talked to a few Aurora customers to get their best power saving tips and advice! 

Bake. Heat. Save.

Chloe's a sweetheart and her sweet tip saves her family on their power. 


Play together, save together

Tiri loves a bit of competition. Luckily his power bill and his housemates do too.  

Trap your heat

Peggy keeps her bills low in winter with this easy, cost-effective tip. 

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Keep it cool

Olivia's two boys keep her busy, especially when it comes to all their washing. Luckily she keeps it cool and saves. 


Pay your way with Centrepay

Peggy is a pensioner and her power bill is always in credit. Want to know what her secret is?

Just in time

Jacob does his best to help his mum keep ahead of her power bills. This one tip helps them save big. 

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Green light to save

It can be a challenge to keep rentals energy efficient. Alasdair's tip is easy, effective and a little bit green.  

Create a spark

Gill likes to live sustainably, and one of the ways she does this is by making her own light! 

Level up on power

Mitchell is a bit of a gamer and he's leveled up on his power saving game!  

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Use your star power

Rena uses the stars to guide her power saving tips! 

Power saving horses

Peggy uses horses to dry her clothes.