Power saving horses

Published on
24 June 2021

Peggy's got a lot of hobbies; she crafts, knits, gardens and helps out in her community. She's got a lot to give, whether it be love and advice to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren or her famous lemon slice to all her friends. 

Peggy also has some excellent power saving tips which she very generously shared with us. 

Here's one of her go-to tips to save on power:

"Because I’m on the pension I try to keep costs down. Using a clothes horse and putting it by the heater is a great way to save rather than using an electric dryer"


Clothes dryers can be quite costly to run, so if you can get by without using one (by drying your clothes out in the sun or under your heat-pump) you will save on your energy costs. 

If you are looking at clothes dryers, remember to look at the energy efficiency star rating. Every extra star cuts 15% off the running costs

Find out more power saving tips from Aurora Customers. 

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