Bake. Heat. Save.

Published on
26 August 2019

Chloe lives with her mum, dad, and brother in Richmond. She’s a bit of an old soul; she loves watching old movies, collecting records and instructing jazzercise.

Another thing she loves to do spoil her family with homemade treats and she has a pretty clever way of saving power after she's baked a bunch of cookies for the fam.  

"After I’m done baking, I switch the oven off but leave the door open, it keeps a nice gentle flow of warm air through the kitchen instead of turning up the heat pump or using the wood fire."

Heating can account for up to 50% of a household's power use, and you can save up to 10% on your heating costs for each degree you turn the temperature down. 

Find out what else our customers do to save on their power! 

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