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No two businesses are the same and so it stands to reason that how you use power at your business will be different too.  There are a few different electricity product options for you to consider. 

You can learn more here on our site or, if you're still unsure, don't hesitate to call us to speak to one of our business team advisers here in Tassie!

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Aurora in the community

We are proud to be Tasmanian and are committed to ensuring as Tasmanians, we all have a community to be proud of now and into the future.

We support a variety of sporting, community and not for profit organisations across the island.

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Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for a pensioner discount for my business?

No, pensioner discount concessions only apply to residential accounts.

Why are electricity rates different for business compared to residential customers?

Businesses generally place a higher load on the electricity system and require more electrical infrastructure to supply them with the electricity they need. This requires more assets and therefore comes at a higher cost.

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What is the charge when I get my electricity connected?

The connection fee charged by TasNetworks will be listed on your bill under ‘Other Charges’ and begin with ‘Network charge’. A standard connection costs $93.19. If you request for a priority connection, it will cost more.

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