Choosing Aurora for your business

We may be biased but we’re pretty certain that we live in the best place in the world. We have the most beautiful scenery surrounding us, food and wine that people travel from miles away to enjoy and a lifestyle that is envied by many.

We want to support our customers in Tasmania so you can enjoy it all. Our Aurora Energy team are all locals, so they know what impacts local businesses here in Tasmania. With this in mind, we approach each customer as a unique individual – to discover what we need to do to make sure your energy account is right for you.
We pride ourselves on bringing together local knowledge and personalised service to make sure that all our business customers are supported in a meaningful and practical way. Whether you are a small family operation, a farmer, a growing company, a new venture or ‘big business’, it doesn’t matter to us: what we want you to know is what we can do to provide you with the best, tailored energy service that we can. After all, we live here. We want the businesses around us to succeed, to thrive!

So what does being local actually mean?

For each of our customers, we provide expert energy advice. Our team can discuss all the latest information and options around the type of energy you use, the latest available products, and some smart advice on ways to save money off your electricity bill by cutting your energy use.

We're also here to help you arrange connections, closing your account and payment services – and generally make sure we're available to make sure business is booming.
And most importantly? We love a long lasting relationship. So, if we can find better, newer and more innovative ways to help you, we'll find a way to tell you. This includes hosting workshops, interviews and informal discussions so we can hear what you need – both now and into the future.
Have a chat to the team and find out how we can help you!
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