Online or over the phone, we’re here to tell you we’ve got the power to get you connected!

Get connected

If you’re moving to a new site that has the power on from the last person, it’s really easy… you can either give us a call or do it all online. You’ll just need some ID or your Business Authorisation Number. If you’re already a customer we’ll just confirm the ID you have already registered with us and then … click… you’re connected!

Is it really just a click away?

Almost. If you let us know by 3pm we can connect you on next serviced working day (the next available weekday a meter reader is in your area) with a standard connection - and you just pay the standard connection fee of $93.19.

If it’s after 3pm and you need it the next day, or if you want power connected outside of normal business hours, we’ll need to talk to you. You can still use the online form; we’ll get in touch to sort out the details.

Online connection form

You can also use the online connection form and this will take about 5 minutes to complete. It can take up to 3 business days to process an online request - so if it's urgent and you need power on ASAP - call us. 


Give our Small Business Team a call on 1300 132 045 between Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm.


If you are moving out and need to disconnect or finalise your electricity or gas account at a property please give us a couple of days’ notice. You can disconnect over the phone.

The fine print

  • If you owe money from another account, you can’t use our online connection; you’ll need to give us a call.
  • Sometimes the government, regulator or network distributor (TasNetworks) will change a fee, or add a new fee, and we may pass that on to you.
  • Charges for network services may include a charge from us to arrange the services.
  • If you want anything outside of a ‘standard connection’ you might be charged extra.