Thinking of connecting solar?

Published on
2 January 2021

Before you think about connecting solar, think about you

It’s really important to think about how much energy you use at home and when you use it to decide whether solar is the right solution for you now.

For example, when the sun shines, you generate solar power and it will be used by your appliances that are on but any unused solar power you have generated isn’t stored: whatever you don’t use is sent back into the grid. Sure, you do get paid for that, but the best scenario is to use it as you generate it. So, solar works really well for people who use a lot of their electricity during the day - or can set timers to run appliances and use their solar power as it's generated, even if they're not home!

The other solution, if you're someone who isn't home a lot during the day, is investing in a solar power battery at the same time you set up your solar system. That way you can store the solar power your system would generate during the day to use later. You'll find you're probably likely to make back your investment quicker if this sounds more like you.

Research your options

There is plenty of word of mouth and online research you can do.

Short of knocking on the doors of solar houses, we recommend that you ask those who have it about their experience. Plus, remember Google is your friend and there are plenty of great sources of information online.

Choice have some great articles about how to choose quality solar panels

When it comes to getting the nitty gritty before you invest in solar - you want as much advice - and as many quotes - as you can!

What to find out? 

Well, ask all the questions you have. No limits. But when you start talking to suppliers make sure you ask about warranties, because whatever option you go for, you really want your panels to last long enough to pay themselves off! You want to find out how many panels you need, and that should be based on how you’ll be using them and what your budget is. Also, make sure you talk to many experts so you fully understand your options.

New meter?

If you’re getting a new solar system, you will need to choose an electrician to help you get connected.

You may also need a new meter, and that means we'll need to work together to get you setup!

It's new. Look around and be careful.

Solar is still pretty new and there are a lot of suppliers out there so it's important you know your rights as a consumer when it comes to solar. 

Check out the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) website.