Want a bit of help with your energy bill? YES!

Published on
28 March 2019


If you could use a little help, then our YES program is for you.

YES stands for ‘Your Energy Support’, and our YES team will give you the support you need, when you need it most. YES is available to customers who are struggling and not able to get back on top of their bills using our other payment plan options.

What can our YES team help you with?

Our goal is to help you take control of your energy usage and bill.

We can work out an affordable payment plan, and work with you to help to cut down your energy use at home. Our YES team will chat to you over the phone and give you some energy saving tips and advice to help you understand your energy use and ways to reduce your electricity costs. 

What we do

  • treat you with respect
  • make sure your payment plan is fair and reasonable
  • check in with you regularly
  • help you find a financial counsellor
  • give you information about government grants and concessions
  • share up-to-date energy efficiency advice
  • give you energy auditing services over the phone.
  • make available a new advanced meter so that you can access the aurora+ app and your daily energy data (free of charge while you're with YES) to help you get back on track. 

What we ask of you

  • keep up with your payment plan, and tell us if you can’t make a payment
  • cut down your energy use
  • let us know if anything changes
  • stay in touch with the YES team.

Are you eligible for YES?

You may be eligible for the YES program if you:

  • are in financial difficulty
  • have an amount outstanding on your Aurora Energy account
  • can make payments towards your energy account
  • can actively participate in YES, including energy audits, seeking help from welfare organisations, and actively lowering your energy use.

Our team has worked with a range of people to help them get on top of energy costs and we know we can help you.

More information

We will make every effort to help you meet your commitments to stay on the program, however, if you are removed you may face disconnection or further debt recovery action.

The YES program is only available to residential customers. 

You can find out more about our Hardship Policy (Your Energy Support program) here.

View our YES brochure here.

If you're a YES customer already, you can contact our dedicated YES Team on 1300 10 2010.

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Extra support for YES customers in 2021

Customers participating in our Your Energy Support (YES) Program and who have kept up with their agreed payment plan, will be further supported with a payment made to their account by Aurora Energy. 

Starting in April 2021, all YES customers who have made six consecutive, full payments to their agreed payment plan from their last quarterly review will receive their 7th payment (up to $200) paid on to their account by Aurora Energy.  If you're are part of our YES program find out more here

For customers not on the YES program, we have payment plans, extensions, and a $5M COVID-19 support fund still available. Find out more here.