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If you're struggling to pay your bills, keep your energy use down, or need help understanding your bill, we have more support than ever before.

Our $1.7M Customer Support Fund is there to help support residential and small business customers experiencing financial vulnerability. This will allow us to help people pay their energy bills and allocate more resourcing to people experiencing hardship through things like bill relief, waiving fees and charges, freezing debt, payment plans, and more.

aurora+ will no longer have a daily fee of 11c/day, allowing more customers to access their daily usage and manage their accounts.

We've extended our YES program incentive payment by another 12 months. Customers already participating in the YES program will receive one of their payments (up to $200) paid on to their Aurora Energy account.

Long and short term payment plans and extensions are available and for those who need more support, our industry leading YES program can help you get on top of your bills.

Our team of experts can also help you find ways to save energy and save money by giving you advice, helping you find the best plan for you, and seeing if you're eligible for aurora+

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