Save power while you’re away

Published on
30 March 2021

If you’re going away on a long holiday, a short weekender, or even returning home from your shack, you’re probably not thinking about what you can do to save power. But before you switch off, it pays to switch off.

Take a look at our top 5 ways to save power while you’re away:


1. Turn your water heater down or off.

Your water heater uses a lot of power keeping water hot and shower ready. So before you leave turn it off at the breaker switch. If you can’t do that, turn the temperature setting down. Just remember to turn it back on again when you get home and at least an hour before you have a shower.


2. Switch off and unplug

Even when they’re switched off, some appliances will still draw power. Turn off and unplug everything! TV’s, microwaves, computers, kettles, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, heaters, phone chargers, even your electric toothbrush!


3. Turn out the lights

Lights can use a lot of power, so leaving them on all day and all night while you’re away is a big waste of energy. If you’re worried about security , get some lights with a timer. That way they’ll switch on during the night and off again when the sun comes back up.


4. Don't heat an empty house

40% - 50% of household power use goes on heating, so before you leave turn your heating (or cooling) off, and unplug it if you can. 


5. Sort out your fridge

Fridge and freezers account for about 8 – 13% of household power costs. If you’re going away for a while, you might want to consider defrosting and unplugging. Make sure you leave the door propped open to stop mildew.

Otherwise make sure your fridge is well stocked. To work efficiently, fridges should be at least two thirds full and freezers three quarters full. You can compensate with jugs or bottles filled with water. 


Turning off the main switch

If you have a basic digital meter, you can turn off all your power via the main switch on the meter panel, however it’s not something we recommend. If your main switch is turned off, your meter can’t be read by the meter reader and you’ll receive an estimated bill.

If you have an advanced meter you should not turn off your main switch, doing so can cause a meter fault and result in extra fees and charges.