It's ok to ask for help.

We understand that sometimes a little bit of help is all that you need to get back on top of your Aurora Energy account. Here you can complete a request for a payment extension online or find out if you're eligible for a concession or discount. Every little bit helps!

Support programs

We understand that from time to time our customers may experience financial difficulties and need additional assistance. 
Our YES program was developed to help customers take back control of their energy usage and get back on top of their bills!
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Power$mart Homes

Power$mart Homes is a Tasmanian Government initiative to help low income Tasmanian households save on their power bills, stay warm in winter, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by providing a range of free expert energy efficiency advice and home upgrades. Find out if you're eligible for the Tasmanian Governments Power$mart Homes program.

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Energy Calculator 

Find out the biggest users of your electricity with our online energy calculator. 

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Frequently asked questions

Can you get any concessions on your electricity account?

Yes. If you have an eligible concession card.

You can call us with your concession card details or send in a concession card discount application form if you have one of the following concession cards:
· Pensioner Concession Card (Centrelink or Veterans Affairs)
· Health Care Card
· ImmiCard (Bridging Visa E)
· Tasmanian Concession Card (issued by Department of Premier and Cabinet)
· Community Detention Card

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How can I get a copy of my bill?

A copy of your bill is available when you log in to Aurora Online, or you can call or email us to request a copy.

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Can I pay my bill by the month?

Sort of. You can set up regular payments or make payments when you can using either Aurora Online, in person, with BPAY, by setting up Direct Debit or Centrepay or talking to us about EasyPay.

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Can I pay my Aurora bill online?

Yes. You can pay your bill with a VISA or MasterCard using our online payment system.

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If my PAYG meter is read, will I get a bill?

No, the meter read is to give us information about the amount of electricity used by all customers.

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