Our top 5 tips for cutting your energy bill

Published on
29 March 2021

Looking for tips to help save you some $ off your next bill? Energy saving means thinking about where you use electricity and ways to reduce it. And when it comes to cutting costs, some little things add up to a lot.
We’ve talked to the best minds in the business to get these top 5 tips on cutting your energy use … and your bill.

1. Choose right

Whether it’s your heater, TV, fridge, washing machine or clothes dryer: when you’re shopping for a new appliance make sure you compare the star ratings and buy for the size you need. And choosing how you use your appliances is just as important: microwave ovens are more energy efficient than ovens and stove tops, because they cook food in less time! (And boiling water in the kettle is  more efficient than the stove top, especially if you just boil the amount you need).

2. What’s hot … and what’s not

Hot water often makes up a large part of your power bill, so it makes sense to keep it cool whenever you can. If you need to rinse off dishes for the dishwasher, use cold water. Same with your washing machine: make it a cold wash, it can actually be kinder to your clothes too. 

 - Did you know that if your hot tap drips, you're not only using more water but also more power?

So grab a wrench and save. Finally, if you are heading off on holiday for a week or more, remember to switch off your hot water system. (And remember to switch it back on as soon as you get home!) 

3. Timing is everything

You can use timers to make sure your heating or cooling turns on and off only when you need it. Keeping the temperature between 18 and 20°C is best, and remember every degree you add could cost you up to 10% on your power use.

Just one song!

How long are you or your family spending in the shower? 
Just a few minutes less in the shower will help save on energy costs and reduce water use. Pick your favourite, and keep it to just one song!

4. Cover it up!

When it’s cold outside, the more you can keep the warm air in, the less heating you need. Whether it’s rugs on floors, curtains on a window, sealing up a draughty doorway, pulling on a jumper or piling an extra blanket on the bed… you can reduce heat loss in plenty of ways without needing to turn up that heating dial. And the same goes for keeping cool on warm days: planting leafy trees outside a window and closing shades before the sun beats down will help cut cooling costs.

5. Turn it off

If you aren’t using it … turn it off. It’s a pretty simple idea that the best of us can forget from time to time. When you leave the room, get into the habit of turning off the light and closing the door. Turn off your sound system and TV at the power point when you have finished: appliances left on standby still use energy.
Here’s your challenge: try your best to take up as many tips as you can and let us know what difference it makes to your bill!