Gas is awesome, here's why.

Published on
2 April 2019

Have you enjoyed the benefits of gas before? Wondering what type of appliance you want? (Why not have them all?!) Here’s a little rundown on what you get when you go gas.  

Now that’s cooking with gas

Cooking with gas is instant, responsive and convenient. Your cooktop will heat up quickly and when you adjust the temp up or down, it changes like that! Great control and that’s why the professionals love it. Gas is also safer because you can see when the flames are burning. You can choose to have a combination of gas cooktop and electric oven, or both gas. There are benefits to both.  (And make sure you choose a cooktop with flame failure, so your gas supply turns off if the flame goes out for any reason.) Barbecues can also be hooked up to gas, which means you never have to call off a barbie because you didn't change the gas bottle! (Once you have hooked up to the pipeline you can’t move it around, though, so choose the right spot.)

Cost effective and cosy heating

Gas heating comes in all shapes and sizes and you can choose what makes you feel good. Is it completely hidden ducted heating that gives you a constant temperature throughout the whole house you want?

Radiant and convection heaters heat a space, provide ambience, and have many handy features such as timers and thermostats. Gas log fire heaters give you something to look at and make the nights feel cosy, calm and relaxed.

Hot water that never runs out

A natural gas hot water system (gas that is piped in) is a really cost efficient use of energy as it only heats the water as you use it! It takes up a lot less space than a hot water storage cylinder, plus you can set the temperature at the level you like – keeping your whole family warm, comfortable!