Quick Answer

Yes. We'll keep you updated about the date and time.

How we notify you of an advanced meter installation

Our metering provider will install your new meter and we'll let you know the date, time, and estimated duration of the power interruption required to complete this work.

You may have received details of this notification from us by email, SMS, or in the mail with at least 4 days’ notice wherever possible.

What you need to do

There's nothing you need to do, however, if you have received a notification message and need more information regarding the work to be undertaken, please call our authorised service provider on the contact number provided in the notification. 

Important Information

There are things you can do to ensure your safety and minimise the effect an outage could have on your equipment during a planned interruption.

  • Do not carry out private electrical work during the interruption.
  • You must provide our authorised service agents clear and safe access to your meter box at all times.
  • Never interfere with a switchboard that has a warning tag or other lockout device on it. You may be putting yourself and your property at risk.
  • We may need to enter your property in order to conduct safety testing on your switchboard if required.
  • If you have solar panels it is a good idea to check that your solar system is back on, as not all solar inverters will switch back on automatically after an interruption to the power supply.
  • If you have Life Support equipment please ensure you are prepared for a power outage.

Unplanned outages

TasNetworks will continue to provide information, updates, and restore unplanned outages. This information can be found on their website.

Your important energy and emergency contacts

For all general enquiries (including advanced meter support, information about your account and energy-saving advice) please contact us.

To report a power outage, call TasNetworks 13 2004 (24 hours) or in a life-threatening emergency, call 000.