Quick Answer

Power of Choice was an Australian Government led industry reform in 2012, which resulted in new national energy rules. Power of Choice aims to provide consumers with more opportunities to make informed choices about electricity products and services.

As a result of the Power of Choice reforms, Aurora Energy became responsible for the management and installation of advanced meters for our residential and small business customers from 1 December 2017.

To deliver these services, Aurora Energy formed a partnership with TasMetering in 2021. TasMetering, along with their Tasmanian contractors and field crews will be our authorised service provider for the installation and maintenance of advanced meters.

What does this mean for you?

As a result of the new national metering rules our customers will, over time, move to an advanced meter.

Why does Aurora have to change?

As an energy retailer, we are part of the National Energy Market and are required under the new metering rules to have responsibility for rolling out advanced meters in Tasmania.

You can read more about Power of Choice here.