When you are making changes to the electricity supply at your business, you may need a new meter. Whether you are building a completely new site, installing solar or just upgrading your wiring, we’re going to be a little - or a lot - involved. 

For some things it will be us (your energy retailer and our service providers), for others it will be TasNetworks (your energy distributor) and sometimes it will be both. It all depends on what needs adding, updating or changing.

First up, if you require a new meter, your electrical contractor will send in the paperwork to TasNetworks. They will then send paperwork (an electrical works request or EWR) to us, and we will arrange for the new meter to be installed.

How long will it take?

Once we get the EWR from TasNetworks, we’ll get the work scheduled in. We have an obligation to have new meters installed within 6 business days after TasNetworks has set up the poles and wires to provide the electrical supply or on a date that's convenient for you. Meter exchanges, requested by you, will be connected within 15 business days of processing your request or we will agree on a date that’s convenient for you.

Sometimes, getting all the people in the same place at the same time (such as if your contractor has to meet the crew on-site), complicated jobs, contractual agreements, access, safety, and impacts to other customers can affect the time-frames and our obligations to you. We will work with you to try and make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

If a delay occurs due to any of the above issues, we will let you know, and once the issue is rectified the timeframe will be reset. 


It's important that you make sure there is clear access to where the meter is going to be installed.

If you already have a meter installed you will need to make sure there is nothing blocking access. Things like building materials, dogs, locked gates, and so on can get in the way. If you're unable to organise for things like gates to be unlocked or dogs to be kept somewhere else on the day, please let us know, in case we need to get you to meet us on-site.

We'll keep you updated along the way

We’ll contact you at each step of the process. We’ll let you know when we receive your request, once we’ve scheduled a date to attend your property as well as a reminder the day before.

How much does this cost? 

It’s pretty variable; the price will be dependent on the instructions provided by your electrical contractor.

We will do our best to find out what the costs are so we can let you know before sending your request to the service provider (TasNetworks or our metering co-ordinator) to schedule your work. (Please note that if things on site get complicated, your fees may change.)

For new connections, or connection alterations, we will pass through charges from TasNetworks, you can view all fees here (external link)

But wait! Before you get the ball rolling, are you building a new site? 

If so, the first thing you need to do is set up an account with us. To set up an account, either fill in our online connection form or give our small business team a call on 1300 132 045.

How to prepare for a planned outage

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