Our Business Time of Use Product (tariff 94) allows you to access cheaper rates overnight and on weekends. So if you use a lot of your energy outside of business hours, have equipment running 24/7, you trade on the weekends, or have solar, this could be the product for you!

Take advantage of the cheaper time periods and save!

Supply Charges

Daily supply charges 110.583 ¢/day
Peak 27.911 ¢/kWh
Shoulder 20.174 ¢/kWh
Off-Peak 11.800 ¢/kWh

Prices effective as of 1 July 2022

Time Periods

Time Periods (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Tariff rate
Mon – Fri: 7am - 10 pm Peak
Sat – Sun: 7am – 10 pm Shoulder
Mon – Sun: 10pm – 7am Off-Peak


Australian Daylight Saving Time (ADST) starts on the first Sunday in October and ends on the first Sunday in April.

Time Periods (Australian Daylight Standard Time) Tariff rate
Mon – Fri: 8am - 11 pm Peak
Sat – Sun: 8am – 11 pm Shoulder
Mon – Sun: 11pm – 8am Off-Peak


The fine print

All prices include GST.

You can view the Small Business rates and charges (effective July 2022)  here

Late Fees and Overdue interest

If your account is not paid by the due date and you haven’t contacted us for a payment extension, a $5 late payment fee will be charged to your next account. You may also be charged overdue interest which is set by the Reserve Bank of Australia and reflects the 90-day Bank Accepted Bill rate (plus 6%).

Additional Charges

If a government, regulator, or network distributor varies or introduces a fee, charge, or tax, we may pass through all or part of this to you. The charges for network-related services, as approved by the Australian Energy Regulator, may include our reasonable costs for arranging such services.

Basic plan information

For full price, terms, and condition information please refer to the Aurora Energy Standing Offer Price Schedule or the Australian Government Energy Made Easy business information document.

Market contracts for small business and agribusiness

Our Market Contracts are a unique agreement between you and Aurora Energy and feature the latest market rates and a pay-on-time discount. To see what we can offer call us on 1300 13 2045 and click on the links below for our terms and conditions and business plan information document.

Market Retail Contract 

View the current business plan information document- Time of Use Business Rate 

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