Need to cut down on paperwork and reduce your to-do list? A combined account means you can receive just one monthly bill for all your Aurora electricity services.

Running a business is all in the details. There’s incomings, outgoings, to-dos, actions, etc. We want to make things a little bit easier for you, and combining your accounts – and cutting down the paperwork – is one of the ways we do this. If you get more than one electricity bill from us, you can combine them into one. We call it Aurora Energy Combined Account, and you can see why.

A combined account lets you control your cashflow by saying when you want to receive it and reduce your invoices.

You will receive one monthly statement on the date that you choose. You can even customise the names that describe each connection site so they are clear on your bill. (If you have multiple connection sites, you can have more than one customised account – for example, 15 sites spread across three separate accounts.)

Combining your accounts is completely free, so give us a call: it’s one of the ways we can help you streamline your business and give you a bit more control.

Payment terms are 14 days, the same as normal accounts and gas bills can’t be included.