New partnership helps to foster Tasmanian startups

Published on
13 September 2021

The Tasmanian startup community has received a leg-up today following the announcement of a new partnership between Aurora Energy and Enterprize.

Launched in 2016, Enterprize has quickly established itself as the state’s leading organisation for supporting Tasmanian startups and the startup community.

Aurora Energy will contribute $245K to Enterprize to operate and tailor a number of entrepreneurial, startup and micro business support programs in Tasmania over the next three years.

The program will promote Tasmanian entrepreneurs and businesses solving problems relevant to the state, including ways to take advantage of the competitive advantage in renewable energy. It will provide a further boost to business growth more generally increasing business activity and employment in the economy.

Enterprize General Manager Casey Farrell said the Tasmanian startup ecosystem welcomed the support of one of the state’s largest and best-known businesses.

“We’ve brought world’s best practice in lean startup education and support to the local Tasmanian ecosystem, but it has always been critical to have corporate partners willing to work with early-stage startups,” said Mr Farrell.

“Kicking that off with Aurora Energy is the stuff of dreams for a Tassie startup.”
Aurora CEO Rebecca Kardos said Aurora was excited to help Tasmania’s next crop of aspiring entrepreneurs flourish.

“As a state we have a great opportunity to rebuild a stronger Tasmania gradually and responsibly as we recover from the impacts of the pandemic,” said Mrs Kardos.

“The next wave of innovative businesses will play a critical role in driving that. As a community we must support and nurture these new ideas at each stage of their journey.

“That’s why we’re proud to be on board as a partner. We’re really passionate about partnering with non-profit organisations to produce practical and long-term benefits for the community and Enterprize does exactly that.”

Aurora Energy employees will also lend expertise through a dedicated Startup Mentor Program, facilitating professional development across the business.