Aurora welcomes Regulator’s decision on lower electricity prices

Published on
22 June 2021

Aurora Energy has today welcomed the Tasmanian Economic Regulator’s announcement that prices will decrease for both residential and small business customers for 2021-22.

The decision to lower standing offer electricity prices is much-needed relief for Tasmanians still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and mainly reflect a drop in wholesale electricity costs.

Residential customers will see a 7.11 per cent decrease, which means that those on a Flat Rate plan will save an average of about $145 per year, while those on the Peak and Off-Peak plan will save around $126.

Small business customers will benefit from the Regulator’s decision to rebalance prices to make them more cost-reflective.

The 11 per cent price decrease for small business customers means those on a Flat Rate plan will save an average of $183 per year.

CEO Rebecca Kardos said the drop in prices will provide real benefit to many Tasmanians.

“Tasmanians have had a challenging year, so we’re pleased to pass on substantial electricity price decreases to our residential and small business customers,” Mrs Kardos said.

While Tasmanian standing offer power prices are already among the cheapest in the country and the further reduction is a positive outcome, Mrs Kardos said Aurora understood some customers may need extra support.

“We encourage any customer who may be struggling to keep on top of their bill and are in need of support during this time to get in contact with us,” Mrs Kardos said.

“We have more support available than ever, including our $5M Covid-19 Support Fund as well as a range of flexible payment options and tailored support through the Your Energy Support (YES) program.”

The decision on prices complements the Tasmanian Government’s recent announcement of a Winter Energy Supplement of $125 to customers who have an eligible concession card linked to their Aurora Energy account.

The Regulator also announced the Feed-in Tariff rate for customers with solar installations will be lowered to 6.501c/kWh due to the decrease in the wholesale electricity price for 2021-22.

Any customers that need an extra hand to get back on top of their energy bills are encouraged to contact Aurora Energy’s YES Team (Monday to Friday from 9am-4.30pm) on 1300 10 2010 or visit