Stand by to save

Published on
9 February 2021

Mark is the first to admit that before working at Aurora he had no idea about how to save power. He thought that the amount of power he used was largely out of his control.

Now, as one of Hobart's customer service team leaders, Mark knows exactly how much making simple changes can save on your power use.

One of Marks easiest power saving tips:

"I turn off my appliances at the power point instead of leaving them on standby mode" 

Great tip Mark! It may not seem like a big thing but when appliances are on standby, they're still using power. It's easy to see how, when you have multiple appliances like TVs, microwaves, game consoles and washers and driers, it all adds up. 

According to leaving appliances on standby can add up to 3% or more of a households energy use! 


Find out what else our power-saving experts do to save!

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