Just one song!

Published on
11 June 2021

Your favourite song could be the key to using less power at home.

Neil is born and bred Tasmanian. "I’ve lived here all my life and there is nowhere else I’d rather live. Right now Claremont is where I call home".

For Neil, being Tasmanian is about community. "We’re a small place, so being engaged with my community, and working together to make each other, and the community better is important".

In particular, Neil is a big part of our local football community which has been a part of his life for almost 30 years, starting as 6-year-old kid playing footy and only recently retiring last year when he turned 34.

And while he might have passed his prime on the field (his words not ours!) he's had the privilege of serving on the St. Virgil’s Old Scholars Football Club board for the last 10 years and is also the current club President.

We asked Neil what his biggest tip was for saving power at home and at the footy club.

"Hot water is a big user of power so shorter showers are a must. 4 minutes is all you need. Enough for a few renditions of your team song or your favourite old classic!"

Neil speaks with our Tasmanian customers every day and knows the challenges our community faces with the rising cost of living because he faces some of those same challenges. "Sometimes it can feel like it’s all out of our control, but the fact is we do have some control. Even just little changes can make a big difference" says Neil.

So try the one song challenge for your next shower!

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