How to reduce your energy bill

Published on
23 September 2020

While it’s nice to see the sun shining, and know that we are able to get out and about, there are always plenty of financial benefits to keeping track of our energy use, no matter what time of year – and our household budgets will definitely thank us for it.

So, first things first (and this might sound a little strange): it’s time to really get to know your energy use. The friendlier you and your power use are, the more control you have over your bill. When you can see how and when you are using power, you are better informed and you can make choices that will result in energy saving.

aurora+ is your key to energy-saving

aurora+ gives you daily access to your energy use, so you can see when you are using the most power, and that gives you the ability to save.

aurora+ uses advanced meter technology to send information to the aurora+ app: which can be downloaded to your smartphone, iPad and computer.  

We know that every Tasmanian home, family and lifestyle is different. Around the home, it’s the small things that can become big expenses when they’re all added up. The extra degree on a heater’s thermostat, extra minutes in a hot shower and the array of tiny standby lights are all silently sucking power.

Getting started 

Now is a great time to check on those pre-programmed heating and cooling schedules. Are your habits changing with the change of season? If you are leaving the house, make sure it doesn’t stay heated while you are gone. And you can manage your home temperature using your blinds to let the sunshine in – or keep it out. Remember every little bit helps.

And while we are talking about sunshine, make the most of it and take the laundry outside and let the sun dry it, rather than using the dryer. Shorter showers are better – you can use a shower timer, and try to have all family members have their shower at the same time of day, which means less action for your hot water cylinder throughout the day.

Knowledge is power

It’s about being more conscious about the way we use energy – it’s the simple changes that can make a really big difference! Inefficient energy use is a key driver of high power bills, which is why we also focus on helping customers become more energy efficient.

With aurora+ you can choose whether you want to be on the Peak and Off-Peak plan, or the Residential Flat Rate plan, depending on what is going to suit your lifestyle.

Make use of off-peak times


If you choose the Peak and Off-Peak plan, you can make use of the varying rates. Here are our top tips on how to shift your use:

  • If you can, heat up your home during off-peak times and turn the heating down or off when it’s peak.
  • Leave your laundry and dishes until off-peak times instead of doing them right away (use appliance timers).
  • Charge devices overnight.
  • Get the slow cooker out and cook your dinner throughout the day when it’s cheaper.
  • Leave your vacuuming until the weekend.

There’s never a better time to start saving!

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