Avoid estimated bills

Published on
23 September 2020

The arrival of our quarterly power bills isn’t our favourite part of every 3 months – and that’s being generous! And it can be worse if you receive an estimated bill because you don’t know if it exactly reflects your energy use.

There are a couple of reasons for an estimated bill and, while the estimators are pretty good at their jobs, there is room for error. Usually, if you receive an estimated bill it is based on limited access to your meter and that probably isn’t going to change – because, let’s face it, our best friends are not going anywhere. 

But there is a solution!

aurora+ offers power you can see, and that isn’t just a fancy catchphrase. When you sign up for the new aurora+ app you can literally see how much power you are using and when! You can look at your power use, decide if you can benefit from our Peak and Off-Peak plan, or our Residential Flat Rate, and then watch your use on a daily basis!

But, most importantly, when you sign up for aurora+ your new advanced meter will be read remotely. Yep, you read that right, no more estimated bills when your pup isn’t a fan of the meter reader.

Remote Control

Advanced meters will be installed at no cost to you, and provide remote and daily access to all the info you need to take complete control and remove the uncertainty that comes from estimated power bills.

No need to wonder what your quarterly bill will be any more! You can view it right there on your smartphone, iPad, or computer whenever you want.

But wait, there’s more good news

You can say goodbye to quarterly power bills for good.

aurora+ updates and displays your power usage and costs every day, so you can exactly see what you owed from only 24 hours before. And you can easily top up your account at the push of a button.

So the question is: how do you prefer to pay? On a regular basis – on pay day, whether that’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly? Or maybe you like to monitor your energy costs and top it up as you reach a certain amount. Whatever you choose, you know that you have said goodbye to quarterly power bills and hello to bill control!

Start saving today

Avoid estimated bills, monitor and manage your energy use and pay as and when you need – all for just $3 a month using the aurora+ app.

aurora+ is ready to unlock the usage data and account management tools you need to save big on power!

Sign up to aurora+ today