Avoid bill shock

Published on
23 September 2020

If you can’t do away with your power bill altogether, what’s the next best thing?

How about doing away with the unknown? Opening up your bill when it arrives every quarter, without knowing what’s on the inside, can be a little unsettling for some people – especially if you are working to a tight budget – and at Aurora, we decided that experience is probably best avoided altogether!

That’s where aurora+ comes in.

We've developed aurora+ to combine the technology of an advanced meter with an easy to use, handy app that you can install directly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. When these two combine, you have direct access to everything you need to know about your power use.

Say goodbye to surprises

With aurora+ you have access to daily energy use data, so you are constantly informed about what your energy use looks like. Nothing is estimated, nothing is unexpected, and everything is trackable. Your energy use is recorded in 15-minute intervals and sent to the app every day, so you can immediately see where you are using your energy and make informed decisions about how you can manage it.

Do you want to reduce the time in the shower, turn off your appliances at the power-point, turn off heating and cooling appliances (or turn them down), or make use of off-peak?

Say goodbye to bills

Another fantastic benefit of aurora+ is that you don’t need to wonder or wait for your next power bill. When you can check your power usage and costs every day, you can easily top up your account at the push of a button. This gives you the power to make budgeting for electricity work for you: by making a regular payment, or by topping up your account when you reach a particular amount. It’s up to you.

We’ve found that some people would prefer to set aside an amount every pay day – and it doesn’t matter if you get paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly, because with aurora+ you choose how and when to pay. If your income is irregular, or your power use is, you may choose to make a payment when it suits. That works for some of our customers too!

Choose your rates

By watching your energy use you can adjust your energy consumption – but you can also adjust your rates.

You can choose the Peak and Off-Peak plan if you can make use of much cheaper electricity rates during the down time (off-peak). This includes during the daytime and overnight. In fact, the off-peak period is probably equal to about 70% of the day, so if you can make use of timers, keep different hours, or spend time at home during the day, this is an excellent option.

Or you can choose the Residential Flat Rate if you want to know exactly what your heating and power are costing every hour of every day. Whichever you choose, you’ll get constant updates to help you track your energy use.

aurora+ really is here to put the power in your hands.

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