aurora+ helps discover faulty hot water cylinder

Published on
21 December 2020

Had it not been for aurora+, Leanne* may have got quite the shock when she received her next power bill.

Leanne had only recently made the switch to Aurora’s new digital product when she noticed a huge spike in her usage thanks to being able to track her daily power usage (in $ and kWh!) via the app, with her power costs doubling as a result.

She initially thought it was aurora+ causing the increase in consumption before a quick call into Aurora’s local contact centre helped solve the mystery.

“…well Aurora energy I MUST eat my words and apologise! We contacted your call centre again on Friday because we were so concerned about what was happening with our energy use and account. Our call was taken by Hayley… and this employee deserves a commendation for her outstanding customer service and commitment to resolving customer concerns. She looked at our usage in detail and showed what felt like to us, as customers, genuine concern and could see a huge fluctuation in our usage, particularly while we were asleep! On her suggestion we checked our hot water service and she was quite correct it was leaking... a lot!!! If we had not of had Aurora plus we would never have queried usage because we wouldn’t of known (hot water cylinder is under the house) and without Haylee’s concern and willingness to really see what was going on we could [have] ended up owing thousands!! HUGE THANKS to this employee we are so so grateful for her awesome service and expert knowledge.”

aurora+ is available to any Tasmanian who would like to keep an eye on and better understand their energy costs, and conveniently be able to manage them via whichever device suits them.

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*Leanne is a fictional name given to the customer in this story.