Keryn Nylander

Published on
1 January 2021

Tasmanian born and educated, Kern has worked in the Tasmanian media industry for three decades both as a communications professional and award-winning journalist. She is a former State political reporter for both print and electronic media before rising to be the Head of News for WIN Television Tasmania – the first female for the network in Australia. 

In the past decade, Keryn has been at the helm of her own strategic communications and public relations consultancy, Nylander Consulting, specialising in media and communications advice to business in partnership with M&M Communications. Keryn has also had a long association with the wine industry starting with brand development of Moorilla Estate in 1990, to the creation of the Tamar Ridge wine label and more recently Keryn was a part of the management team and a shareholder in specialist contract winemaking business Winemaking Tasmania Pty Ltd from 2005-2013 in Cambridge, Hobart. 

Keryn has a strong understanding of the Tasmanian economic environment through her leadership for the past 18 years in a number of senior board roles in Tasmania - Keryn is currently a director of Tasmanian financial institution Bank of us (formerly B&E Personal Banking) serving as chairman from 2009-2011, and has served as a director of the State’s peak wine body Wine Tasmania (2006-2014), a director of the Tasmanian Development Board (2001-2014), and Chairman of Fahan School (2008-2017).

Keryn was appointed a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors in 2013.