'Double the Plus' Terms and Conditions 


  1. These Terms cover the ‘Double the Plus’ campaign run by Aurora Energy (‘Promotion’). The Promotion will be run between 12 April 2021 and 23 May 2021 (‘Promotion Period’).
  2. For each customer who signs up to aurora+ during the Promotion Period, they will receive 30 days of aurora+ free of charge; and have the opportunity to select a charitable organisation out of the options provided. Aurora Energy will donate $30 per customer to that charitable organisation.
  3. Each customer is only eligible to partake in the Promotion once. Each National Meter Identifier is only eligible to be used for the Promotion once. The Promotion is only open to new aurora+ customers. Aurora Energy reserves the right to conduct a review of the sign-ups to ensure eligibility criteria has been met.
  4. The 30 days of free access to aurora+ will be applied either as a credit to the customer’s account (the credit amount being 30 days’ worth of daily product fee for aurora+) or by waiving the product service fee for 30 days. At the conclusion of the 30 days of free access to aurora+, the standard daily product fee will apply.
  5. Customers require an advanced meter to access aurora+. If a customer requires an advanced meter to be installed, the 30 days of free access to aurora+ will commence after the customer’s new meter has been installed.
  6. The full terms and conditions for aurora+ are available on the Aurora Energy website.