When preparing a site for an advanced meter exchange, electrical contractors must be aware of the maximum current allowances for dual element advanced meters.

  • All standard dual-element advanced meters can draw a maximum of 100 Amps per phase.
  • If more than 100 Amps per phase are drawn at any time, the Meter Protection Device (MPD) installed under Australian Standards, will cause the fuses to blow and subsequently interrupt the power supply.
  • If a customer is likely to draw over 100 Amps per phase, Current Transformer (CT) metering is required and the customer will need to negotiate an appropriate Network agreement with TasNetworks.
  • Conversations around load limits are particularly important when working with farming and irrigation customers, who may have added extra equipment since the connection was initially set up, and tend not to use pumping equipment at full capacity all year round.
  • Where a dual-element advanced meter is being installed using both element streams, for example, Tariff 31/41, it is important to note that the maximum current on the second element is always 40 Amps, in this case Tariff 41 (Hot Water and Heating). Two meters (and wiring for both) are required in this case if the customer is expected to draw over 40 Amps per phase on Tariff 41.
  • Our metering service provider may, if possible, carry out some tests on-site to check the maximum load of the equipment, however, these tests may not provide a comprehensive assessment, and the responsibility of making sure the site is compliant is the customers. Neither Aurora Energy nor our meter provider will be responsible if the site is found to be incompatible. If the metering provider assesses the maximum load to be above 100 Amps, or if they are unsure, they may not complete the meter exchange. In this case, Aurora Energy will contact the customer to discuss their options.

Pre-meter exchange check list

Here are the most common issues which can prevent our metering service provider from completing a meter exchange. 

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