There is a graph on your bill to show you how much electricity you’ve actually used in the quarter and how that compares to the average used by other households in Tasmania. This is based on the season, how many people are living in the house, and how many days there are in the billing period.

  1. Your energy use (kWh) for the billing period.
  2. Your energy use (kWh) at the same time last year.
  3. Average energy use (kWh) in Tasmania, by household size (1-2 people).
  4. Average energy use (kWh) in Tasmania, by household size (3-4 people).
  5. The baseline of your energy use, to help compare.

Your use

The type of house, heating, extra guests, appliances, faulty equipment and renovations can affect your electricity use. (If you would like help reducing your use, take a look at our energy saving advice)

If it looks like you use more electricity than the average household, it may be because:

  • a swimming pool/spa or other high powered equipment uses more electricity than the average house your consumption will (most likely) be higher than the average or;
  • If you have a Feed-In Tariff, the figure provided for average daily usage may not accurately reflect your energy use.

Remember the graph is a guide only and based on averages, while yours is actual use. If you are still worried that your energy use seems higher but you don't know why, you can call to speak to our team between Monday to Friday (8am-6pm) on 1300 132 003 and we'll see if we can help you find out why!

The comparisons are based on season:

  • Winter period: 1 June to 31 August
  • Spring period: 1 September to 30 November
  • Summer period: 1 December to 29 February
  • Autumn period: 1 March to 31 May

Why isn’t the usage comparison graph on the bill accurate when I have a solar feed-in tariff?

There are a couple of reasons why the usage comparison graph and the average daily cost on the back page of your bill may not be accurate when you have solar.

The usage comparison graph compares the total amount of kWhs used in your home in the billing period, to the same time last year (if possible) as well as the average usage of other Tasmanian households.

Because we do not have access to the amount of solar you generate and use yourself, this cannot be added to the total of kWh used in your household.

As well, your exported solar energy (the solar you don’t use yourself and feed into the grid) is added to the total of your kWh used.

We are aware that this is not ideal and apologise for any inconvenience.

More information

Putting the graph on your bill is a regulatory requirement under the National Electricity Retail Law.

For more information about the graphs and energy use in Tasmania, visit the Energy Made Easy website (external link).

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