If someone in your home depends on life support equipment, let us know.

We'll make sure it's listed on your account and that the distributor, TasNetworks, knows as well as your metering provider. You may also be eligible for a concession, depending on the type of life support equipment you have. 


Let us know

Let us know you have life support via our online general enquiry form* or call on 1300 132 003. Make sure to include the type of life support equipment you have. 

*If you need life support protections within the next 4 business days, please call us so that we can add life support to your account immediately. Online forms can take up to 4 business days to be processed.

We'll register your home temporarily and send you a medical confirmation form to complete with your doctor. If the form is not completed by the due date, we'll send you a reminder. If we don't receive confirmation after the reminders this may result in the life support flag being removed from your account.

Medical confirmation

If you’ve moved from another electricity retailer, you may be able to use the medical confirmation form you provided to them, if the form is less than 4 years old.

Retailers are required to keep these documents for 110 days after you cease to be a customer. If you believe this applies to you, please contact your previous retailer to request a copy to provide to us.


Note: The life support flag will be added to your account from the day you call, or the day your online form is processed (up to 4 business days after submission). Concessions are applied once your completed application form is processed. 


Planned and unplanned interruptions 

We understand continuous power is important, however, there may be times you experience planned and unplanned power interruptions. 

For planned interruptions, you'll get at least 4 business days' notice via text, email, or letter from Aurora or TasNetworks letting you know the date and time the outage will happen.

If you experience an unplanned interruption, please call TasNetworks on 132 004 and let the operator know you have registered as a life support customer. 

Prepare for a planned interruption

There are things you can do to ensure your safety and minimise the effect an outage could have on your equipment during a planned interruption.

  • Ensure you have backup power for your life support equipment (backup batteries, generators, uninterruptible power supply. 
  • Don't carry out private electrical work during the interruption.
  • Never interfere with a switchboard with a warning tag or other lockout device.
  • We may need to enter your property in order to conduct safety testing on your switchboard if required.
  • If you have solar panels check that your solar system is back on, not all solar inverters will switch back on after an interruption.
Prepare for an unplanned interruption

Make sure you're ready if your power goes out unexpectedly.

  • Check any backup batteries for your life support equipment often to make sure they are able to be used during an outage.
  • Look into an uninterruptable power supply device (contact an electrition for more information).
  • Develop an action plan with your health professional, and your family, friends, or neighbours in case of an outage and keep an emergency contact list on hand. 

TasNetworks provide information, updates, and restores unplanned outages. This information can be found on their website.

If a life is in danger call 000


The life support concession is a daily discount for customers who use an approved life support system or who live with someone who uses one.  This concession can only be claimed once for your primary place of residence, however, if you have more than one life support device you may be able to claim the discount for each eligible device.

Approved devices and rates per day:

Oxygen Concentrator 116.707¢
Peritoneal dialysis machine 86.590¢
Haemo-dialysis machine 86.590¢
Chronic positive pressure & airways regulator 41.412¢
Continuous positive airways pressure machine 41.412¢
Respirator (iron lung) 154.354¢
Combination oxygen concentrator and chronic positive pressure and airways regulator 158.119¢
Phototherapy machine 219.930¢
Left ventricular assist device 41.412¢


To apply for this concession, please complete the Application Form (PDF)

You can scan and email the completed form to payments.concessions@auroraenergy.com.au 

Or post to:

Aurora Energy Pty Ltd
GPO Box 191
Hobart TAS, 7001

To find out more about this concession visit the website of the State Revenue Office

Important contacts

Aurora Energy 


If you need life support protections within the next 4 business days, please call us so that we can add life support to your account immediately. Online forms can take up to 4 business days to be processed.

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  • Faults: 132 004
  • Customer service: 1300 137 008
In an emergency 

If a life is in danger call 000