Ever wondered what makes up the cost of your electricity bill? It’s not just the power you use. A lot goes into your electricity and getting it to you.

This graph explains what makes up the cost of electricity prices for regulated tariffs, which are set by the Tasmanian Economic Regulator.

(FYI – just in case you missed it, regulated tariffs are the rates for each type of electricity, which are monitored and set by the Regulator.)

Bill pie graph July 2019

37.4% Generation

This is the energy generated through local hydro and gas plants, and brought in from the mainland. (This does not include carbon.)

7.4% Renewable Energy Certificate charges

The Australian Government has set charges to support renewable energy generation.

0.4% Market charges

These are fees everyone pays to be part of the National Energy Market.

39.5% Network

Part of your costs are used to manage and maintain the poles and wires that deliver power from generators to customers' premises.

2.9% Metering

The cost of providing, installing, maintaining and reading meters.

12.4% Retail

These are the costs for billing, customer service and provision of information services.

*This cost breakdown applies to normal household and small business electricity rates, which are known as Regulated Standing Offer electricity prices.



How does your bill compare?

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