In June 2019 Ricky joined Aurora on a three-week contract as a Systems Administrator. What started as a short time role became full time with Ricky currently working in our Service Delivery and Operations team as a DevOps engineer.

Here’s Ricky...

What interested you in joining the Aurora team?

I was interested in working for a company which provides the public with a basic, needed service. Given my ‘green’ interests, and the fact that Tasmania is already quite close to being powered by 100% renewables working for an energy retailer was definitely attractive.  More practically, my family and I are putting down roots, and Aurora seemed like a great place for stability. 

Talk us through the process – From application & interview to coming on-board

I was looking for new opportunities through Hays and they let me know of a position opening as Systems Administrator for Aurora Energy. It was only for a short-term, three-week contract, with some potential to extend out to a longer-term.

In my interview they let me know that the role was only for a few weeks (to finish off a bit of work before the end of the financial year). The work seemed interesting and everyone was pretty friendly so I was happy to take it on.

During my first few weeks, I was able to show more of my skills, and as a result, I was offered a two-year contract as a DevOps Engineer with the Digital Services Team. I was happy to accept, especially after hearing more about Aurora’s future goals and how my skills would be an asset to achieving those goals.

What do you like about working here at Aurora?

The atmosphere. The team has been very accommodating on the training and getting-to-understand-the-business fronts. It’s a really flexible environment. They can see the value you could bring to the business and are keen to up-skill their people.

I’ve already done a short course, which I was able to complete at home during business hours. I’ve only been at Aurora for a short time, but I’m curious to see how my role continues to progress over time as well as working with the Aurora team to help deliver on their future goals.

Before we finish up, how did you end up in Hobart and what do you love most about living here in Tassie?

I first came to Tasmania with my wife on our honeymoon and loved it. Hobart offers everything that a big city does, as well as character and friendly people.  Now that I’m here I really like the fact that I can live on a couple of acres 50 minutes outside of Hobart. Rush hour is nothing and my drive to and from work is full of beautiful scenery. As someone who loves the outdoors, Tassie has everything; from mountains to rivers, open plains to beaches.