Plan your move in 5 easy steps

Published on
29 March 2019

Moving house can be an exciting time: a new adventure, a fresh start, a taste of the unknown. And speaking of unknown … most of us don’t move often enough to know what we need to know. You know? Seriously, it’s a big task and can be daunting. We’ve broken it down into 5 stages so you can tackle them one at a time, and come out stress free!  

Stage 1: early preparations

As soon as you know you’re moving, book in your removalists (they might be professionals, or a team of friends and family) to give as much notice as possible. And if you can, try to get a little time off work to take the pressure off. You can also set up a redirection with Australia Post about 4-6 weeks before you move and start passing on your new details to any business or people who need to know. There are always way more than we think!

Stage 2: packing

This is your chance to get rid of all those excess possessions and it really can spark joy: remind yourself daily: “The less I pack, the less I have to unpack!”
Give thought to what you’ll need leading up to moving day. Whatever you can do without can be boxed up.
A simple tip but a good one: label all your boxes, it’ll make it easy to place them in the right room on moving day. Clean your old house as you pack, so you don’t have to go into a cleaning frenzy in the last days before you move.

Stage 3: move ins and connections

Moving into a new home or needing to arrange a power connection or disconnection? Let us know as early as possible so we have the best opportunity to make sure it's ready when you need it.

You can connect and disconnect via our online connection form or call our Customer Service team on 1300 132 003 to help you (Operating hours are Monday - Friday between 8am -6pm)

If you just want to disconnect, give us a call. 

Stage 4: cleaning up and getting ready

Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer the day before you move; don’t leave it until moving day. If you’re renting, arrange for carpet cleaners to come in after you’ve moved your furniture.
Don't forget your pets! Update microchip contact details, and maybe have a new tag for their collar made up with their new address and contact numbers.

Stage 5: moving day!

Make yourself up a care package of what you need straight away: this might be toiletries, a change of clothes, medicine, toilet paper, soap and towels, as well as kitchen essentials (for a cuppa and a snack). Make sure all doors and windows are securely locked as you leave. For extra safety, you might keep your valuables, personal effects and important papers on you. Remember: moving is a battle and no item is left behind! Look through nooks and crannies for anything that’s slipped through the cracks.
Last tip: when you get to your new home, get your beds ready as soon as possible – you deserve a rest!

Happy moving!