Hello Easypay

Published on
28 March 2019

Paying a big winter bill in one go is never fun. Even when we do our best to cut down energy use, Tassie weather usually means our energy costs spike when the cold sets in and we want to warm up.

At Aurora, we know that being prepared is the key to managing your costs. One easy way to do that is by paying the same amount all year round no matter what the season: we call it EasyPay for a good reason!

The plan

We’ll look at your last four quarterly energy bills, and then work out an average cost. You can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments, whichever suits, and then pay however you like (see our payment options for some ideas). Every 3 months we’ll send you a statement which will show how much energy you have used and the payments made. The plan lasts for 12 months, so you can try it on for size … but you can always sign up for another 12 months if it was a good fit. And if your usage goes above or below what has been calculated for your payment plan, we will get in touch in with you and let you know if we need to change your payment amount.


During the year, we’ll work with you to make sure things are on track. This means that if we notice that your electricity use goes up or down by a big amount, we will get in touch to change your payment amount so you can fix up the difference. And if anything changes for you – such as getting a new heating system – let us know and we can talk about how that might change your payment amount.

Finishing early?

If you want to end your EasyPay plan early, give us a call. We can end it at any time. And, if you move, the plan ends - if you want to start a new EasyPay plan you can just give us a call.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for EasyPay you need to have nothing owing on your account, and your next meter read needs to be at least one month away. 

If you have an amount owing on your account, you could be eligible to go on a long term payment plan. Long term payment plans allow you to pay off your outstanding balance over 12 or 18 months, as well as staying on top of your future bills. Read more about long term payment plans here.

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