Quick Answer

TasNetworks have recommenced normal meter reading operations in all regions of Tasmania, including reading meters inside homes and businesses, unless someone in the property identifies as awaiting COVID-19 test results.

If your bill is estimated 

Where possible, we’ll base the estimates on your average usage at the same time last year. 

For customers with solar, you will notice that zero kWh will be displayed for your feed-in credit. Please be assured that you will not lose any credit for the solar power you have exported to the grid, you’ll see it all on your next account with a true read.

Any discrepancies between the estimate and your actual usage will be fixed at the next account you receive with an actual read. 

If you’d like to check the difference between the estimate and your actual usage you can do a self-read of your meter. 

Our bill estimator will help you keep an eye on your energy costs. Simply enter the meter reads from your last bill and the current reads on your meter and we'll calculate the cost.

Use the bill estimator tool

Do a self-read

If you believe the estimate is exceedingly high you may be able to submit a self-read. 

Just record your meter reading (by using these instructions) and call us on 1300 132 003. You’ll need to do this before the due date of your bill.

Solar customers can also do a self-read of their solar feed-in.

Once you’ve provided your read, we’ll validate it. If it’s successful your bill will be re-issued based on your reading. If your reading is unsuccessful we’ll let you know why and your options for resolution.

If your previous bill was estimated 

If your current bill was an actual read, but the bill before was an estimate this may cause your bill to be higher, or lower, than expected. Where possible, we’ll base the estimates on your average usage at the same time last year, however, because this is an estimate it may not be accurate.

If you receive an estimated bill, you can use our bill estimator tool to check how accurate the estimation is which can potentially help you budget for your next bill.

If you receive a higher than expected bill at any time, we can help. We have payment plans and support available to all our customers. 

Help to pay your bill

We understand that these can be uncertain times financially, we can help with a range of payment options. 

We have also established a COVID-19 Customer Support Program supported by a $5M Customer Support Fund specifically to help our residential and small business customers impacted by the pandemic. 

This will allow us to help people pay their energy bills and allocate more resourcing to people experiencing hardship through things like bill relief, waiving fees and charges, freezing debt, payment plans, and more.

Read more about how we are dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 here.