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For our customers in the north-west of the state, due to the recent public health order extension, there will be delays for all non-essential metering work scheduled between the 14th April - 3rd May.

If you live in the regions of; Burnie, Devonport, Smithton, Queenstown, Sheffield, Ulverstone and Wynyard and have non-essential metering work scheduled during the public health order lockdown dates; recently extended from 14th April to 3rd May our metering team will need to reschedule.

For all new requests outside of the lockdown dates, we are still committed to completing these in a timely manner and will communicate any further disruptions if and when they may arise.  

Non-essential work includes:

  • Meter configuration
  • Meter Reads (T4A)
  • Comms faults
  • Retailer lead meter exchanges
  • Customer requested tariff changes
  • Solar jobs

All essential work will continue.

Essential work includes:

  • New connections
  • Electrical fault work
  • Loss of power supply

Please visit TasNetworks or contact us for more information.

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