Solar savings has sun shining on Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania

Published on
13 August 2019

Neighbourood Houses Tasmania (NHT) has more than halved its power bills in the space of 12 months, following the installation of solar panels at its headquarters.

The state-of-the-art 32 panel, 8.64kW solar system, funded by Aurora Energy and fitted in March last year, was custom-designed to meet the specific electricity requirements of the NHT site.

Around the same time, NHT was able to invest in insulation and energy efficient heat pumps for the site through the Tasmania Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme.

To date, the solar system combined with the energy efficient upgrades has resulted in NHT experiencing a saving of 56 per cent off its annual power bill compared to the 12 months prior.

CEO Tracey Tasker said the partnership with Aurora Energy had enabled NHT to invest these savings in initiatives to support the network of Neighbourhood Houses.

“The solar system has dramatically reduced our power bills allowing us to instead invest those funds in supporting the awesome work of our member Houses,” Ms Tasker said.

“Anything we can do to reduce and manage the overhead running costs of the NHT office allows us to put more resources into supporting Houses to do what they do best. A win-win for everyone.”

Aurora Energy CEO Rebecca Kardos said the Tasmanian energy retailer was excited about exploring more innovative ways to support the community.

“Through our Community Program we have already been able to make a practical difference in the lives of so many Tasmanians, but we are always trying to be more imaginative to find new ways to help,” Mrs Kardos said.

“Supporting a long-standing community partner like NHT in this way assists us to identify how we can best work with the community to maximise the benefits of solar in the future.”