NILS and Aurora supporting more Tasmanians to manage their energy costs

Published on
11 November 2020

Tony Williams doesn’t know how he would have survived the most recent Tasmanian winters without his heat pump, describing it as a “godsend”.

Mr Williams, 66, accessed the No Interest Loans (NILS) Energy Saver Loan and Subsidy program to purchase the energy efficient appliance a few years ago and has noticed a dramatic improvement to both his power costs and comfort.

The program funds 50 per cent of the cost to purchase new energy efficient appliances up to $3,000, such as heat pumps, fridges, washing machines, heat pump hot water systems and freezers.

“We couldn’t have afforded one [a heat pump] through other means. The whole process was very easy and we haven’t looked back since,” Mr Williams said.

In the past year alone, more than 650 low-income Tasmanian households have benefitted from the partnership between the NILS Network of Tasmania, Aurora Energy and the State Government to purchase 743 appliances worth close to $1M.

Aurora Energy has been a long-time supporter of NILS, having provided more than $2M in funding to its Energy Saver Loan and Subsidy program since partnering in 2015.

“Together we’ve enabled thousands of Tasmanians on concession cards to afford energy efficient appliances,” NILS CEO John Hooper said.

“Those appliances have enabled low income households to slash their power bills. Regularly people are in tears thanking us over the phone telling us that they had wanted a heat pump in their home for year but could never afford it.”

Mr Hooper said the other benefit of the partnership is that 21 per cent of NILS clients report calling Aurora’s Your Energy Support (YES) program after the loan budget conversation, who provide advice on managing energy costs, including affordable payment plans and energy saving tips.

Aurora customers requiring assistance with managing their energy bills can call the YES Team on 1300 10 2010 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm).

For further information the NILS Energy Saver Loan and Subsidy program, visit or call 1300 301 650.