Energy support to help you save money this winter

Published on
11 June 2021

With temperatures continuing to fall around the state, Aurora Energy says it has the services and support available to help Tasmanians use less energy while still keeping warm this winter and even beat bill shock.

Tasmania has had some of the lowest regulated power costs in Australia for the last five years but during the cold, dark winter months, Tasmanians on average use more energy than their mainland counterparts to stay warm.

Winter is typically a period of high energy use as many Tasmanians turn up their heaters to keep their homes toasty, use their clothes dryers more often, or spend an extra few minutes in a hot shower to beat the morning chill; and this may lead to higher energy bills.

Chief Product & Customer Officer, Andrew Crozier said Aurora was focussed on giving all of its customers’ greater visibility of how and when they use electricity to combat that.

“Being aware of your power use may sound like a weird energy saving tip, but being able to see your daily energy patterns is a powerful tool to help change your habits around the home – and we have an app for that,” Mr Crozier said.

“Our digital product aurora+ is available to any Tasmanian household or small business who would like to better understand their energy costs and conveniently be able to manage them from the comfort of their home.

“With aurora+ you never have to worry about that big winter bill again because you have visibility of exactly what you owe 24/7 and you’re billed monthly.

“Another benefit of aurora+ is that you avoid estimated bills as the product runs off advanced meters which are read remotely and remove the need for it to be done manually.”

Aurora also has a range of free online tools on its website to enable customers to stay in control of their energy costs, including a right plan calculator.

This easy to use, interactive calculator helps customers understand the plan that is the most affordable for them based on household and energy use behaviour.

“We know that every Tasmanian home, family and lifestyle is different, and this calculator takes all that into consideration – so jump on our website and give it a go,” Mr Crozier said.

Other simple tips to help reduce your energy costs include setting your heating between 18 and 20 degrees, turning off appliances at the switch, using weather sealers and door snakes to prevent heat loss and spending less time under a hot shower.

“It’s the small things that can become big expenses when they’re all added up,” Mr Crozier said.

“Inefficient energy use is a key driver of high power bills, which is why we focus on helping customers become more energy efficient.

“But Tasmanians do not have to sacrifice their winter comfort to use less power. It's about being more conscious about the way we use energy - it's the simple change that can make a really big difference.”

Mr Crozier said while seeing your energy usage and making household changes can lower your power costs, Aurora know that there are many Tasmanians struggling to keep on top of the cost of living.

That is why it has support options available for customers that need help paying their energy bill.

This includes payment extensions, payment plans, direct financial assistance through Aurora's COVID-19 Customer Support Fund and its nationally recognised Your Energy Support (YES) program, which provides dedicated payment support for customers in hardship.

“While we've been fairly well sheltered down here in Tassie, we know that this is still a challenging time financially for many Tasmanians as the impact of COVID-19 continue and we're committed to doing what we can to assist,” Mr Crozier said.

The Tasmanian Government has also announced a Winter Energy Supplement of $125 to customers who have an eligible concession card linked to their Aurora Energy account.