The Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (TEELS) closed midnight 30 April 2019.


TEELS was a joint initiative delivered by the Tasmanian Government, Aurora Energy and Westpac Banking Corporation, providing Tasmanians no-interest loans to assist in purchasing eligible energy efficient products.

Now that the scheme has come to a close, any enquiries regarding your TEELS interest-free loan should be directed to your local Westpac Branch.

Important information for TEELS customers

If you were approved to purchase an eligible energy efficiency product/s under the Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Scheme (TEELS) for households and small businesses, Westpac will have provided you with a Westpac Low Rate Credit Card to purchase your chosen product/s.

Under the scheme you will not be charged interest on your credit card purchase for the first 36 months (3 years). Please be aware that when the 36 month interest-free period ends, your Westpac Low Rate Credit Card account will remain open and you will incur the standard fees and charges associated with your credit card.

If you have paid off your TEELS purchase and no longer wish to keep your Westpac Low Rate Credit Card account open, please contact your local Westpac Branch to cancel the card.

If you have not re-paid the full amount of your purchase at the end of the 36 month interest-free period, you will be charged the variable interest rate advised to you by Westpac on the remaining amount.   

Please also note that any purchases made on your credit card that are not related to the purchase of approved energy efficiency product/s under TEELS, will incur the variable interest rates advised to you by Westpac.

For more information, please refer to you your Westpac Credit Card statement or contact your local Westpac Branch.

TEELS Terms and Conditions



Aurora Energy will not at any time contact you and request bank account details, and contact from any person claiming to represent TEELS should be treated as suspicious. Should you have any reason to doubt that the person you are speaking to is not a legitimate representative of Aurora Energy, please contact us on 1300 132 003.

Although the program has closed we always encourage you to seek advice on energy efficiency and suitable products to help maximise the benefit of your purchase. Some suggested websites include:

Concession Card holders interested in purchasing energy efficient products are encouraged to seek funding through the No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS). Visit the NILS Tasmania website.